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About Us


Our Story

A lot of people ask us how we came up with the studio idea, and well it goes like this...

JennaLee and Lacey met in 2017 through their kids who attended the same school, and who just happened to live a block away from each other. Little did they know that their friendship would grow to be much more.



After 10 years of traveling and being stationed throughout the U.S with her husbands military career, Lacey and her family decided to move back home and start building their dream house. But before it was completed, in January of 2019 a tragic fire destroyed everything. A devastating blow to what they thought was going to be a new beginning. A total Loss. But not really, by the grace of God the family was spared and Hope began to bloom once again.

 JennaLee along with the entire community lifted up and supported her family in countless ways! JennaLee took Lacey to a "paint your own pottery" place, and there the idea sparked. "We can totally do this" Lacey said. And so, ideas began to flow and plans took action. Step by step the art studio started to form. We thought and thought on the name and "Ashes to Art" popped out of Lacey's mouth, and how fitting it was! From the ashes of the house fire, was built a beautiful art studio, that would be filled with love of art, friendship and community.

Abstract Blur
IMG_4217_Original-preview 2.HEIC

Creativity flows through our blood and we are so excited to share our love of art with you!

*Lacey- I am originally from Bingham Lake, MN. My family and I have traveled throughout the U.S. for my husband's military career and after 10 years decided to move back home.

My Favorites

I love animals! If I could I would own a zoo! My favorite color is ALL of THEM! I love summer, and being outside. I love my people's and pets, and of course ART!

My Quirk

I guess I am kind of a free spirit and between my husband and JennaLee they TRY and keep me grounded.


*JennaLee- Although I grew up in eastern WI, I spent my whole life visiting my family in the Mountain Lake area. We moved to Mtn. Lake shortly after my husband completed his last deployment. We have lived here now for the last 12 years with our now 3 children. 

My Favorites

My favorite's are my little family! I love them. My favorite color changes with the day and my mood, but today it is plum purple, army green, and blush pink. (not an artist at all...) ;)  I love to draw sketch portraits and sit on the porch with my tea and bible before anyone wakes up.  

My Quirk

I do not show excitement, so Lacey tells me how to react when she wants a good expression.

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