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About Ashes To Art


Our Story

A lot of people ask us how I came up with the studio idea and name, and well it goes like this...

After 10 years of traveling and being stationed throughout the U.S with my husbands military career, my family and I decided to move back home and start building our forever home. But before it was completed, in January of 2019 a tragic fire destroyed everything. A devastating blow to what we thought was going to be a new beginning. A total Loss. But not really, by the grace of God the family was spared and Hope began to bloom once again.

 The local communities and even communities where we had once lived, pulled together, lifted up and supported our family in countless ways! We decided to start rebuilding our home, and I had a spontaneous idea of making the entire walk-out basement an art studio to give something back to the community and share my passion. And so, ideas began to flow and plans took action. Step by step the art studio started to form. I thought and thought on a name and "Ashes to Art" just came into my head, and how fitting it was! From the ashes of the house fire, was built a beautiful art studio, that would be filled with love of art, friendship and community.

Abstract Blur

Creativity flows through my blood and I am so excited to share that love of art with you!

Lacey- I am originally born and raised in the area on a farm, and have always loved art. 


My Favorites

I love animals! If I could I would own a zoo! My favorite color is ALL of THEM! I love summer, and being outside. I love my people's and pets, and of course painting!


My Quirk

I guess I am kind of a free spirit and between my husband and Friends they TRY and keep me grounded.


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